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Quite adorable! Can't you see yourself smiling when you see this delicate little suction glass bud vase on your bathroom mirror first thing in the morning. It is quite lovely without any flowers displayed in the tiny 3 inch glass window bud vase, but imagine the joy you will feel when this vase is filled with a rosebud you raised in your garden and a sprig of ivy for rooting in this vase. I have applied a mini tin watering can and a resin sunflower to this vase. I then wrapped the vase in copper wire and two glass leaves. Perhaps you can find a special glass suction window bud vase for your mirrors or windows and display your buds and flowers. I create many different designs and themes using found art, theme pieces, colored wire, glass beads and crystals. OH and by the way, all my suction glass bud window vases are covered by COST FREE LIFETIME REPAIR; no kidding. I love creating my happy bud vases and I want you to be able to enjoy them for as long as you want, even if an accident happens.

VasePlace logo with dragonfly. A New Attitude for Your Home and Gift Giving. Link to VaseplaceShop Now at VasePlace.Etsy.com.  Visit my shop VasePlace on Etsy and purchase vases using a  PayPal account, your credit card or personal check! Shop in a secure environment for the best selection of hand crafted items for your home, your garden, and for gift giving.

Here is a whimsical glass bud vase with two wood, handpainted ladybugs on a wood leaf. These small unique window vases are priced for every budget, just $14.00. I would be happy to take your order by contacting me at VasePlace@gmail.com. I can discuss with you the different designs and themes that I create. I can email pictures of my selections.  Just let me know what themes you are interested in. Visiting one of my shows is the best way to experience my work and a great way to see the best of handcrafting talent in western NY. Make a pledge to buy handcrafted. Please email me for show schedule.

Here you see a pair of 6 inch dragonfly suction window vases priced at $24.00 each. Email me at VasePlace@gmail.com to set up your order. I can create these dragonfly bud vases in almost any color. Let me know what your favorite color is! This lovely 6 inch glass suction window bud vase can be placed on a window, a mirror, sliding glass doors, car window, ceramic back-splash, or even on your computer screen. By using the "Magic Suction Circles" there is no end to the places you can now place your vases.

window vase used as a rooting vase for ivy and a bud vase for a red rose. Here the vase is displayed on a computer screen in the lower right corner.Use these tiny bud vases as a rooting vase for your ivy or plant cuttings. You can then add fresh flowers as they become available through the season. This cute little suction window bud vase sits in the corner of my computer screen and is rooting two pieces of ivy and also holding two rose buds. They may be petite but they hold a lot of stems! How about adding a little sunshine to your work space. email me or stop by my shop on Etsy.

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