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Don't be afraid to use suction cup vases on your windows or mirrors. The secret to holding a suction cup successfully is to be sure the surface is smooth and clean and dry. Cleaning glass with a wax cleaner works wonderfully and keeps the window cleaner, longer. Apply a small amount of spray or cream furniture or car wax to glass. Let dry and then remove with a soft clean cloth. Your windows will sparkle! Be sure the suction cup is clean and then apply a very thin film of oil or vaseline to the suction cup. You can use vegetable oil or baby oil. This works better than "licking and sticking" or wetting the suction cup. The moisture tends to hold the cup awhile but then the moisture evaporates and the suction may release. The oil tends to hold a better seal and not evaporate keeping your suction cup securely in place. Just "a little dab will do".

Accidents do happen and if for any reason your vase becomes damaged I will reconstruct the vase as close to original as I can and return to you by mail. YOU MUST RETURN COMPONENTS OF BROKEN VASE FOR REPLACEMENT!! Many of my vases are one-of-a-kind pieces. Without the components it is not possible to replace the vase. Please include $2.00 for return postage.

Please include $2.00 for return postage and mail componentsto:                                                                                         ReCreations by Deborah Florian 
6598 Cleland Rd
Cherry Creek, NY 14723

Be sure to include contact information in the event I  have questions about your vase. INCLUDE RETURN ADDRESS and Email so I can let you know the vase has been received and when you should expect it back!

Please direct inquiries to vaseplace@gmail.com  or call me at 716-962-3784.

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