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I have found a wonderful product, made in the USA by McNaughton Products, that can now allow my Suction Glass Window Bud Vases to be applied to almost any surface. These Suction Circles are invisible 2 1/2 inch self adhesive Mylar discs that you can adhere to any type of wall or textured surface.Now you can enjoy your Window Vase on surfaces like marble or stone. You can now place your Suction Window Vase on a headstone or mausoleum. Place a Magic Disc on you computer monitor. You will now be able to display your Window Vase on textured ceramic and porcelain tile. Your opportunities are endless!Each disc can be ordered for $.85. Contact me at VASEPLACE@GMAIL.COM and mention the Magic Suction Circles made in the USA.

Want to shop right now for my hand crafted vases made in the USA? Visit my shop VASEPLACE on Etsy and purchase these themed glass suction window bud vases using a  PayPal account or with your credit card or personal check!

A 3 inch Suction Window Vase with a wooden bird house perched on a twig displaying a bunch of holly and berriesThis is an adorable 3 inch Suction Glass Window Bud Vase that you hang on any smooth surface with the suction cup already attached. Place your favorite plant cuttings into this lovely 3 inch glass suction bud vase and use it as a hanging rooting vase.

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