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Nature supplies us with many jewels found not only under the ground but above in our gardens, yards, fields, and along roadsides. Can you think of a better way to display these natural wonders than in one of these lovely, delicate Window Vases?

Many studies have shown that displaying live plants and flowers indoors provides a multitude of benefits. And they are beautiful to look at and behold. And also a great conversation piece.

A Window Vase placed on a powder room mirror can be used as a rooting vase for some ivy, philodendron or other plant cuttings. Add some fresh flowers and it becomes a wonderful, fun, bud vase. Come see all the possibilities!

Glass bluebird on a wood twig
wire wrapped in blue wire
and a crystal star and a
glass leaf. 
Black crow sitting on a wood
twig wrapped in copper wire
with a crystal star and a
glass beaded dangle. Red Cardinal
on a wood twig wrapped in black wire with red glass beads. Priced at $14.00
These are animal theme bud vases and rooting vases. Zebra, Horse, Moose,Bear,Giraffe, Elephant, Buffalo, Cow

Specially priced
at $14.00 each. while I run my special on my Etsy Shop

various materials related to the garden theme applied to glass bud and rooting vases that have a suction cup attached.These glass bud vases are just plain cute!

10 different glass bud and rooting vases depicting theme related to birds.This window is displaying a selection of bird suction window vases. Each is specially priced at $14.00.

 You can visit my shop VasePlace on Etsy to shop now for a selection of 3 inch and 6 inch suction WindowVases or you can email me for a specific design or theme. Each 3 inch vase is priced at $14.00.

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